An Advance Look at The New ICloud.Com and Your Photos Section

If Apple delivers on its promise, tomorrow Monday October 20 We will receive the release of iOS 8.1, an update that will correct the errors detected to date, return the reel and also enable the functions of SMS and instant Hotspot with OS X Yosemite, will kick off in United States Apple Pay mobile payment service, and around the world, to the public beta of iCloud Photo Library.

Billed as one of the main novelties of the 8 iOS, iCloud Photo Library is that you can have all your photos and videos in original format and resolution on any of your devices and Mac or PC computers through the web iCloud. So just a day so you can see for yourselves but do you think if we wait more bearable and we offer a stroll through the new our site and its expected photos section?

The first thing you will notice is that we said goodbye to the animated background in favour of a gradient color It looks great and probably download a bit of work to the browser. Photos icon with the beta label stands out between the calendar and the recent iCloud Drive, which by the way now lets you send files from here by email. Mail It is another app that has received some changes and now the column of the Inbox has enough width so do not cut any text.

The first time we access photos we found this message that inform us about the function of the app very soon so while we wait for it to prepare our photo library. The next time you enter your photos will appear without delay.

And here have them, your pictures and videos organized in a manner identical to the pictures of the 8 iOS app, by moments and albums, divided into date and place in which you eemaan them. From this screen you can select single photos or entire time to download them or delete them. The only two options that I miss them at this time with respect to the original app is the search engine and the possibility of viewing the photos on the map. Perhaps it for later when you finish beta? We will not have to wait too long with the launch of the native app for OS X Yosemite early next year.

Finally, if you click on any image opens a more than respectable speed the resolution necessary to fill the window (and of course, completely optimized for the Mac with Retina display). Options to mark or unmark it as a favorite, download the original version or delete it preside over the toolbar at the top. Perhaps an option to see the metadata of the file either would be more, but again, at the moment I am satisfied.

Finally, iCloud feels like a solid solution in the cloud.