Another New Vodafone Vitamin: 60 X 1 Favorites

We learned inland from Vodafone that it will soon launch new rates and will repeat their successful 60 x 1 but this time it will be valid for 24 hours a day but only to the 5 numbers chosen from any company.

Like everyone, the new 60 x 1 Vitamin 60 x 1 Favorites It would have a limit of minutes (in this case 800 free minutes per month), he billed for seconds except calls with 60 x 1, which will be charged the first full minute more call set-up and will be compatible with all savings plans although the benefit of 60 x 1 does not apply to short the qtal and a2 numbers.

In addition this new modality of 60 x 1 will have a monthly fee €1 for each chosen number (so you have a maximum of €5 fee/month to not computed for the minimum consumption) and as other vitamins, will have a fee of 19 cents per minute in contract (with a minimum consumption of €9) and 35 cents per minute on prepaid. You will be able activate free by dialing in your phone 13503 # and call button but will have to call the 123 5 favourite numbers.

The Vitamin 60 x 1 Favorites seems to have been created in response to the contract Mi Gente Movistar which allows you to choose a maximum of 5 numbers from another operator to call them by 5 cents per minute and the rest of calls to 26 cents/minute.

In principle, this rate though as it is not official information may you suffer any last-minute changes will be launched in September-October. Quite likely that on the day of its launch, are no longer placed on the market the following rates only shall be in force for customers who have already contracted to them: new contract 1, late contract and contract tomorrow.

Given that vitamin 60 x 1 all will no longer be available for hiring 30 September, Vodafone would be in October offering rather poor rates so hopefully that they launch other new modalities more competitive than the supposedly discontinued.