Apple, FBI and China in a Very Explosive Cocktail

In recent weeks we are seeing very strange movements to They include Apple, footballer FBI and China’s Government. I think that it is time to try to arrange a sequence of events that would be related to each other. It might shed some light to the events of the last months.

In the center of this story is Apple. Its business in China and increase their presence in this country is very important. Recently Tim Cook announced the intention to open 25 Apple Store new in this country in the next two years. If we take a look at the financial results of Apple in the last quarter and the history of the past two years, we would have this graph:

Represented data are in millions of dollars for the fiscal years 2013 and 2014. Before Q1 2013, Apple included revenue from the Asian giant on the other income (Asia Pacific) segment. Looking at the data from the Q1 of 2010, a graph would look we like:

Again, the data are in millions of dollars. With this we can quantify how important is China to Apple. Revenues from this country are between 12 and 21% of the total revenues each quarter, approximately. Beat Japan and the retail segment in the last quarter, standing at third place in importance after America and Europe. China is, therefore, key to the growth of the company’s business.

The role of the Chinese Government

China is not only the country in which the vast majority of Apple products are assembled. The population more than 1,300 million inhabitants and represents the largest market of mobile telephony in the world. But the Chinese Government is worried that an American company is selling millions of products every year. Recently we have known that for the launch of the iPhone in China, there were more than 9 million of reserves in a weekend.

The scandal of the espionage of the NSA that told us our colleagues from Engadget in its time, has put on alert governments around the world, including Chinese. Apple was in the crosshairs to the seep that cooperated in some way with the safety agency, a point that was denied by the company denying that there was a back door to your servers. The Chinese Government fears that they can spy on their members through Apple devices

To rid themselves of any suspicion, Tim Cook recently wrote a letter about privacy to their customers. In it, stated that they had never worked with a Government to facilitate back doors to their servers. The Chinese Government has “reminded” Apple that they are those who have the Pan by the handle by delaying the launch of the iPhone 6 in China a few weeks. All since missing paperwork to authorize its sale.

The FBI required a less strict security

Last month we saw how the director of the FBI, James Comey, showed their concern about security devices from Apple and Google:

I am a great believer in the rule of law, but I also believe that no one in this country is above the law. What concerns me about this is that you have companies [in reference to Apple and Google] selling something that specifically would people stand above the law.

Most recent is the tour that is giving Comey in the U.S. Congress to ask that the law be amended. You want to change of the CALEA law to weaken the security of Android and iOS. Fortunately, it seems that efforts to collect props are not paying off. Fingers crossed.

It’s funny how in parallel have known that Chinese hackers have tried to collect iCloud phishing user passwords. Although it is not confirmed, there are those who are running the Chinese Government as directly responsible for this action. This was the reason for the meeting Apple CEO lightning with the Chinese authorities this week.

Coincidence is the word that we have when we can’t see the pulleys and levers- Emma Bull.

Everything seems to indicate that we are in a subtle dance (sometimes not so much) the highest level strategic. The largest technology company in the world, agencies of American security and the Government of the most populous country in the world. The perfect argument for a spy novel.