Apple Focuses on Education and Donates Devices to Schools in The United States

Under the premise that education is a fundamental right for all, Apple through the ConnectED of the White House initiative, which joined earlier this year with the intention of providing tools and support in the field of education in the United States, they have just announced an important donation of the devices 114 low-income schools.

Apple support consists of a donation of iPads to students, MacBook Air and iPad mini to teachers and administrative staff, as well as an Apple TV for each of the 114 school classrooms that contemplates the initiative ConnectED, where such schools are distributors in 29 States and of which the 96% of students are in support programs.

A part of the letter that Apple has put on its website reads:

The lack of equal access to technology and knowledge makes entire communities and populations of students at a disadvantage, especially for minorities. For this reason we believe that young minds and the young innovators of tomorrow should have every opportunity to develop their full potential through powerful learning tools. It is important for us to know that our contribution to the ConnectED initiative makes a difference for students and communities who need them most.

This donation looks for that technology is not an obstacle between learning, on the contrary, they want everyone to have opportunities through these tools, on the other hand, Apple will also provide support, support and curriculum solutions both teachers and students that require no additional cost.