Apple Shares Reach 104,83 Dollars and Set a New Historical Record

More than one month it was enough to Apple to mark a historical value in the price of its shares. If back in August my colleague Miguel already commented the new record of 100,53 dollars per share, today we return to talk about an amazing fact for the Cupertino company: have ended the day with a value of $104,83 per share.

With this new historical fact Apple is maintained as the company with higher value of the stock index of United States, reaching their market value nearly $ 615 billion. The Cupertino are maintained in this way in the first position of most valued companies, leaving giants like Google (369 billion) and Amazon (144 billion) to an abysmal distance: more than $ 200 billion.

The reasons for this dramatic increase are clear: the launch of the new iPhone 6 also accompanied by new iPad devices presented last week along with OS X Yosemite, the new version of the operating system for Mac that is getting good reviews there where you.

There are experts who say that the price of Apple is being overrated, while others say that something is a price short for what moves from Cupertino. I am not an expert in bag, but seeing the data it seems that someone is making money in the stock market, either way overrated or not. And the funny thing of all is that it seems that this has no overtones of lower, rather the opposite. Do you will get Apple continue setting new records in its value in stock market? Only time will tell what.