Apple Wants a Musical Subscription at $ 5 Per Month, and Has a Reason for Weight

It was a beginning of interesting week at the digital music scene. Spotify has released their family plans, which several members of a family can share a single payment reduced by several premium service accounts. But meanwhile, Apple remains engaged with the leaders of Beats in a way to be able to overcome this. How? Thus according to Re/code sources, offering music streaming to five-dollar monthly plan.

For what five dollars? For the simple reason of half the 10 which today services cost? No. By apparently part of an argument that Apple is using negotiations: the best buyers of music on iTunes currently spend $60 per year in songs. And those are $5 each month.

The aim of Apple: around the world spent the same as the best buyers of iTunes so far

Premiering a subscription to five dollars a month, therefore, it would make everyone who paid the fee users that amount to the best that has been iTunes to date. The business would be delicious, and at the same time attract the attention of all those who now pay $ 10 per month in the competition.

It remains that the record companies have access to this, clear. But there is no doubt that with Apple and Beats raising it, we need to see at least a small reduction in streaming services. It will be the proof of that is the way to move forward in a way to sell music that tempt those who still hack.