Apple Will Offer The Products Post-Sale Service Beats in Their Stores

According to reports from Greek media Techingreek, Apple has told all its service providers soon you will be responsible for providing post-sales product Beats. Headphones or speakers, it seems that those products will go to have more importance in the ecosystem of accessories sold both the Apple Store and official distributors.

The statement that has been leaked is brief: “In the near future, Apple will be responsible for service to customers about Beats Electronics products and accessories. “I have already sent annexes to the contract, or send them to you soon”. Basically, has pint to all the businesses that work with Apple must add support Beats after-sales activities.

But imagine the consequences at the level of shop: a customer to buy an iPhone and that immediately headphones are offered at discount, included also in an AppleCare plan. And if something happens to the headphones, that at the Genius Bar can offer a quick solution. It can be a very compelling reason for customers prefer are those headphones and not a competition.

Apple and Beats: changes that at the moment have been discrete

This added to the heap of changes experienced by Beats with the purchase of Apple, which started with a reduction in the price of the subscription to the service Beats Music and continued with dismissals and appointments of Beats to the divisions of Apple charges.

From Cupertino also is has pushed Beats to have more presence in the media with announcements of major events, but also has cost him any other argument with other brands. Changes that always cause friction with competition, but that they are preparatory for larger changes from the coming year.

And what changes will be those? Because It is easy to deduce possibilities: a well integrated with Apple headphone line, and the final entry of the company in the market of music via streaming. There is no likelier to see that this Thursday, but we hope that for the first months of the year coming.