Because It’s Official: Pepephone Covered Movistar and 4 G from December or January

In the last two days it jumped the news: Pepephone had abandoned its plans to switch to Vodafone Yoigo and I was negotiating with Movistar coverage and, therefore, access to its 4 G network. Today, the OMV has just confirmed this fact to all customers via email: today begins the operation and expected that the process is completed in December or January.

“You will have in Spain and almost all the world coverage of Movistar’s voice, 3 G and 4 G with all frequencies, including the 4 G 800 MHz will be available from the beginning of next year and, probably, change really things in 4 G”, said in the statement. In addition pledged to offer best prices, something that was impossible to do under its current situation according to the company.

What does it mean for the end user? In addition to the change to Movistar coverage shall be taken that change SIM cards all customers of the company, something that will be borne by the company, but that sure is a laborious process taking into account more than 465,000 current lines. Since Pepephone ensures, in the title of your post, that “everything bad that happens opens the door to something good that comes afterwards”. For now, he plays to wait until December to see the result.

Criticism of Telstra

In the statement, Pepephone also dropped some other message about Telstra. According to Pepephone, Yoigo not warned you in no time in that it did not have permission from Movistar to offer 4 G other MVNO (let’s not forget that Telstra and Movistar have an agreement whereby Telstra uses 4 G Movistar where does its own deployment, and vice versa).

We would have preferred and grateful that the problem between our new landlord (Telstra) and the owner of the land (Movistar) had us warned and previously resolved without having us in the middle because it has implications for us and we are not a side effect of nobody. But that was not in our hands, but in the of who knows what in advance and could be prevented.

The metaphor of the House and the landlord is kind enough, but the criticisms are still there. In its day, and shortly after Pepephone announced its change to Yoigo, from Engadget Mobile interview with Eduardo Taulet (CEO of Telstra) confirmed that still they had not spoken with Movistar on the possibility of offering its network to other MVNO. Movistar, then refused to grant such access. The matter is now in the hands of the CNMC.