Bose Reaches an Agreement with Beats and Withdraws Demand for Patent Violation

At the end of the last month of July it was announced that Bose Corporation, famous for its developments in the field of premium audio, it interposed a claim against Beats Electronics, LLC and Beats Electronics International Limited, recently acquired by Apple.

The demand was presented at a federal court in Delaware, United States and made mention of alleged violations of patents, related in your headphones noise cancelling technology. Because a few moments ago that demand has just be withdrawn.

Before the possible implications, it is best to change your mind

Lawyers for both companies they left today to declare it Bose has decided to withdraw the claim for violation of patents related to noise-canceling technology, demand that they had against Beats, likewise occurs terminate the investigation that was existing in the International Trade Commission (ITC), in seeking to ban the sale of products in the United States Beats.

The details of the agreement were not mentioned or if there was any amount of by means, but it is clear that the situation was out of control between both companies affecting business of third parties, it is as well as a few days ago we saw the so-called lawsuit within the NFL, where is ordering him to players and coaching staff not to use Beats products due to the patronage of Bose.

Even yesterday it was reported that quarterback of the 49’s in San Francisco, Colin Kaepernick, received a fine of 10 thousand dollars for not respecting this restriction, since last Sunday at the end of the party was presented to the round interviews using a few Beats headphones.

Finally, today’s amanecíamos with the news that Apple was considering removing all products Bose stores, which would definitely be a blow to Bose, since within the Apple Store sales represent approximately a 30% of the total turnover company.

Of course, all this is only a chain of events and both companies have not confirmed or denied that it has had to do in the decision to withdraw the demand. This is how she is terminated all this small but intense episode, where Return to be as friendly as always Apple and Bose.