Cell Phone on the Plane: What You Need to Know

Probably, you have already had doubts about the use of the mobile phone on the plane. In this article, we have prepared a series of responses that will say, once and for all, everything you need to know to use their devices safely during the flight.

Cell Phone on the Plane What You Need to Know 1

Can I use it or not use my cell phone on a plane? Should I stay with him off during the whole trip?

What functions can I use and which are not advised? The plane can fall because of this or is this a myth?

What are the real risks? Check out our article and avoid any problem!

1 – Why are the airlines. airlines ask you to turn off the phone?

On the side of caution. Nothing is fully proven that they atrapalharão something, but the measure to prevent it is a question very important! This is because mobile phones emit electromagnetic waves at a frequency that is said to affect the transmission between the tower and the plane, making it difficult to pass on important information in moments that require greater attention.

2 – How the mobile phone on the plane can cause problems?

It is necessary to demystify this idea. The greatest risk is not in the possibility of the mobile phone on the plane interfere with the operation of the vehicle itself, but rather in the communication with the command tower — which happens, for example, track conditions, or diversion of other aircraft in the maneuver.

It is suspected that the waves emitted by mobile phone on the plane — if they are not in airplane mode, which has the function of disabling the receive signal to the causing interference, may increase the chances of an accident. But outside of that it is not proven that offers you risk.

Cell Phone on the Plane What You Need to Know 2

3 – what The airlines have done about it?

This is a story that is being mostly spoken 2014 here. Smartphone, with operating systems smart that allow more tasks than normal cell, have utility, including to work. What did grow the concern of the airlines allow their use without compromising safety.

The FAA published a resolution that should allow the use of smartphones and other similar devices during flight, provided that it in airplane mode, but having validated only for airlines. you ask for permission and can prove that this does not cause problems in operation as Well, have not been fully released, but — provided they respected some settings, it can stay connected all the time and even get out of airplane mode after landing, which was not allowed. But it is up to you, as a passenger, also inform about the suitability of your cia. to this standard before you fly.

4 – Is it safe to use wi-fi networks in the clouds?

To be a service offered exclusively by a few companies., there is no problem expressed in to use the wi-fi of the airplane, that allows access only under conditions pre-established by the airline. Is considered safe because you probably will not be able to access it in critical times, preventing possible interference.

Usually during take-off and landing, for example, is unavailable, and to ensure the security. So, adhere to a careful inspection, 100% guaranteed to the company, unlike the deactivation of the cell in the plane is made individually.

Cell Phone on the Plane What You Need to Know 3

5 – Can I use my smartphone in flight?

You can, provided that compliance with the standards: there are companies that require power off always, others report the times allowed, such as at cruising altitude. The business experience, the BYOD phenomenonand all the companies recognize this.

Therefore, a differential offered by some is to make use of during all times, a condition which should be carefully checked and previously proven to the FAA that there will be no dangers.

6 – what can happen if you do not obey the recommendation?

In terms of a catastrophe, the chances are remote. But depending on the case, a company has the right to warn the passenger and even to count with the support of police to ensure that the standards are respected. This is because, although it is a controversial topic, until there is more study and the cell in the plane is really proven to be harmless, it’s each one do his part.

Now that you know the truth about mobile usage on the plane, you are ready to use your with peace of mind on your next flight? Share your opinion with us!