Wall Stickers for Decorations

With wall stickers, you will give a new face to your home

The wall stickers are practical and easy to install. More than that, they add style and can reveal the personality of the inhabitants. Versatile, they fit and beautify any environment from the kitchen to bathroom. You can even renew a room without works or paintings – and without spending too much about it. They are available in the various styles, colors and textures, which only make it even more enjoyable. Do you know how to choose the most suitable type for each place?

What to consider in the choice of wall stickers

Wall Stickers for Decorations

First, it is important to analyze the decoration, including the colors and style, so that there is harmony between all elements of the environment. Some wall sticker models have or simulate textures, which is a factor important to consider when choosing the best option. Another point of attention is the wall decals dimensions. Note the available area and consider this information during the selection.

Wall stickers for room may contain words, floral, geometric elements, animals, cinema, among others http://www.bridgat.com/shop/wall-stickers/. Urban issues decorate the room to the most joyous rooms. Speaking of rooms inspirational phrases can be a good sight to wake up, as well as themes related to nature. As for the children’s rooms will be great with pets or children’s characters and the larger will love the sports and musical themes. The kitchen has themed wall stickers, which leave more fun and creative and the bathroom gets new air with branches, flowers or geometric shapes.

And it’s not because we are talking about wall stickers you can not paste them into objects. Kitchen walls are all tile? The refrigerator will be beautiful with a penguin sticker, gloves or a chef. The same goes for the bathroom, which can also be redesigned with beautiful wall stickers pasted on the outside box of glass, for example. Another possibility is the decorative coatings, suitable for tiles. In online shop you will find the best options and a wide variety of wall stickers and decorative coatings!

Before you start

Do not forget that prior to the application, the surface should be clean and dry, as well as your hands. You can also do tests to hit the spot and mark the position in pencil, so you can delete later. Before you begin, make sure you have at hand all the necessary materials: wall stickers, ruler to smooth and remove bubbles and a soft cloth on the strip and prevent it from scratch the wall or the adhesive.

Application and maintenance tips

Peel off the wall adhesive protective paper straight. This will prevent it from getting wrinkled and reduces the possibility of bubble formation. Cleaning can be done with a dry cloth or dust mop. Avoid abrasives or alcohol to prolong the durability of the product.