Cornerstone, or Getting out of Real Multitasking and Stand out against The Competition

One of the main differences between Android and iOS is the concept of multi-tasking. While Android multitasking is real (the background applications continue running alike) in iOS philosophy is quite different: the application only stops running important parts designated by the programmer, thus saving resources, memory, battery. Each system has its strengths and its weaknesses.

From Onskreen We present Cornerstone, an alternative to Android that will lead beyond the concept of multi-tasking, granting the possibility of distributing on the screen the different windows of each running application you choose.

This concept of interface is under development and will be available in the coming months. It is focused to manufacturers, so you implement it in its tablet, I suppose that as a layer, as does HTC, Sony and other companies. Also draw a version for Gingerbread, Although personally I think it should be something that would have to differ, since I see him more a concept for large screens.

The interface is very intuitive and lets the user decide which applications will handle in the same screen, in addition to which you can enjoy the main focus. They say that won’t be to modify nothing in applications, either, that they will work no more. Obviously the resolution and format them varies depending on the window, so it remains to be seen how this resolves.

It remains to be seen, once filed, what manufacturers decide to adopt it, but a priori frankly looks good and seems a very practical user experience. What I like most is that you may decide if you want to the full or shared screen.

The only downside I see is that we all started to be a little tired of such layer, delays in updates, not freedom. Is true that this proposal if it offers something interesting and the ideal would be that the user can enable or disable these functions.

In any case in a few months we can see how this application works and then we return to the topic with more details. For now we leave you with a video demonstration of how it works so you go showing off platform.