Do You Want to See a Eddy Cue Dancing? The Video of The Keynote Is Now Available

It shows that they have not had any error relay this time: Apple has been exceptionally quick posting the video of the keynote, that you can already see from its official website. For now is in SD quality and purely streaming, although we are sure that in a matter of hours will be available in high definition.

Key moments in this keynote than they are worth to be seen again they are, for example: Vice-Presidents boasting of having your Apple Watch, call with comedian Steven Colbert (would know what I see when I look my wrist? my doll! back to work!) or got that are marked employee in the video’s humor about the secrecy of Apple. It shows that they want to change the tone of the presentations of the company towards something more informal and fun.

Another way that we can see the keynote within a few hours is through the official podcast of Apple events, available in grades SD, 720 p and 1080 p; or in the same Apple YouTube channel later. It has been an event as more or less expected, but those small moments of humor make it worth to look at it more carefully. I hope to do so soon, since I am now rather waiting until OS X Yosemite in the Mac App Store.