ES File Explorer Is Spoiled? There Are Alternatives

On occasion we have commented here power is Explorer of files, which It is not a simple file manager but allowing much more: managing files online, in the cloud, Bluetooth, multimedia playback, file viewer, opening compressed files and so on. However lately the community is quite unhappy with this application.

It all began this summer, when the name of the organization behind this app is APP Group shifted to Global is. It has all the earmarks of a sale, but the details are difficult to know that the organization is China. And with this name change came changes in the application that are not liked at all.

Bloatware and more bloatware

The evolution of the application in a few months has been significant. The home instead of being a user selectable folder now screen is a special page where, by the way, recommend doing “cleaning” in the terminal.

In addition there is a new tab showing applications recommended for the user, in other words, advertising pure and hard. Apart from this the performance of the application has been resentful according to many users (here I have not noticed any impact).

The problem is clear: development of ES Explorer of files has deviated from create a full browser, with everything that a user requests of this kind of applications and is beginning to wander in matters that maybe reported them more money but they are not what the user seeks. It is pure bloatware.

… and then came the paid version

A few days ago there was a novelty in ES File Explorer. Those who are not happy with the new bloatware of the application can be paid to remove it. For 3 euros you can buy the new Pro version that eliminates the bloatware and lets you choose the home screen.

Personally I find it very well that developers want to get out of their development and therefore offer a paid version. What does not seem so right is that pushed its users to this paid version introducing things that bother the application using.

I think that it would have been better simply to pass the normal application to be an evaluation version or version with advertising with the possibility of remove it paying (normal, not so integrated and confused with a generic “recommended apps” advertising).

Alternatives to ES File Explorer

For those who already do not want continue with ES File Explorer there are alternatives, and very good. The first could be at all never use a file Explorer, since with Android 6.0 there is one integrated. It is very simple, but for the most common tasks is more than enough.

For those who need something more there are multiple applications to do so. Last year we reviewed the best and it is still valid. Solid Explorer has become the best alternative, certainly, with the only drawback that costs 2 euros.

Another good alternative is still one of the oldest of the place, Astro File Explorer. It has a free version with ad and remove it 4.38 euros. The good news here is that if we can support advertising functionality is complete.

There is also an application that has many fans, Root Explorer. This application is especially useful for users who have the terminal rooted. However all applications that we have commented have root mode, so there would be no loss of functionality. Root Explorer costs 3,79 EUR.

And finally another interesting alternative is FX File Explorer, a powerful file Explorer without advertising but with network scanning, and cloud grey unless we pay 2.59 euros.