Google Maps 9.12: Check History of Locations, Add Names and More Private Places

The application of Google Maps Android comes with important developments that will help us to remember where you’ve been, to see the sites we visit a certain day as for example to remember what we did on a trip.

Google Maps 9.12 bring us your history of locations with its new section called “Your chronology” accompanied by the new “Places you have visited” section, among other more innovations.

History of locations

In “Your chronology” We will consult the sites where we have been and the routes that we have followed in our timeline for a given day, provided we have enabled locations history. In the timeline to see sites that we have been, in that time, the pictures hosted on Google photos we took that day together each of the movements. The timeline will ask us if we were in some local to confirm our attendance and allows us to edit the type of displacement (on foot, bicycle, motorcycle, car, train, plane, etc…)

Places that you have visited

“Your site” can also see the list of places that we have been recently now in chronological order, with what this new section will help us to remember which is the name of the local restaurant or shop at which we were recently. It seems that only it will show us the places from last year. On the tab of a place also will inform us when it was the last time we went.

Custom sites

And to find more easily the places now can add a private name that will only see us. Reload the tab of a business or an address, press Menu you will find the new option “Edit name”. In this way we can create our own custom sites and rename it to places by others that allow us to find them more easily on the map.