Google Not Will Allow Manufacturers of Honeycomb Customizations

In these days we have heard two informational news concerning the new operating system of Google for tablets, or, Honeycomb. The first refers to the delay in the liberalization of the source code of Honeycomb, which you just inform and which insurance will affect the mood of many manufacturers and developers.

The second story, on the other hand, will only affect to the interests of many manufacturers, because it goes above their freedoms, about the possibilities that these had of change the interface its mobile and tablets, as HTC sense, MotoBlur Motorola or Sony Ericsson TimeScape, for example.

So, for prejudice to manufacturers, but for benefit of consumers, Google has decided that It will prohibit modification of the interface for Honeycomb. They left this position sense during his presentation, but it is today when it is firm. They declare that the Honeycomb interface has an attractive enough place so you need unnecessary additives.

Interestingly, Google has been using the tablet Motorola Xoom for all its presentations of Honeycomb and Motorola, has, however, confirmed that the tablet will be open to Custom Roms, that basically developers may modify any aspect and function of the device.

Google, can that although late, it has given account giving the quantity not quality, or that the benefit of the manufacturers has already been enough and now we must benefit consumers, to us, to not hinder us in the future, to avoid that fragmentation will once again become a holder of bad press, not to the manufacturer , if not towards them.

Although the customizations of the interface they were attractive in the past, as well just interface Sense of HTC, is true also that as a result of these, the updates they are the operating system paralyzed, since they have to go through the adaptation of the same by the manufacturer.

It is whatever, feel sick or feels good, I think that we, the users, the consumers, we received this news with pleasure, because as shown until the date of Honeycomb seems attractive enough to need sweets that ultimately only to become a nightmare. What was said, Thank you Google.