Graphic Problems of The Macbook Pro in 2011 Will Cause Apple to a Class-Action Lawsuit

At the beginning of the year we did us echo of some graphic problems with the 2011 Macbook. Apparently, the Macbook Pro that had a graphic AMD showed distortions, stripes and anomalies on the screen without any reason, giving rise to many users had to change even the portable plate to fix this problem.

To solve the problem Apple offered free changes of the Macbook Pro plate. Unfortunately, these changes remained the same Assembly failures original, presenting many users the same problems time after it was supposedly fixed. Because of these problems Apple now faces a class-action lawsuit.

Responsible for this demand is the Whitfield Bryson & Mason LLP, which had announced a few months ago that it was reviewing the case and is now when have decided to make the demand. Being a class-action lawsuit, any affected user can join, so firm is asking for the maximum diffusion of face to have more strength in demand.

From Whitfield Bryson & Mason LLP is pointing that not be demand for the bug itself, if not by the ineffectiveness of Apple when it comes to fix problems, charging users in many cases for the arrangements and leaving others with Macbook affected without any solution.

The collective demands, target of multinationals

In United States the collective demands are very useful when it comes to sue a big company resources. Roughly, it is a union of affected by an issue that jointly demand the company or individual that has damaged them. Due to being a large number of people affected, the law firms tend to fight for such demands, since they tend to have big implications at the media level, being a double-edged weapon for multinationals, which win or lose they tend to be affected by the opinions that are poured on them during the process.

Apple has been affected throughout history by a few collective demands. In July of this year was affected by a demand for this style of violating labor agreements. In the same way, the famous “antennagate” It also resulted in a class action lawsuit against Apple. In this case, it seems that the plaintiffs are quite right to protest, justice in the United States is still very castable so we should expect to see that judges say in this case.