Greg Joswiak, Vice President of Marketing of The IPhone, Apologizes for The Error of IOS 8.0.1

It seems that he is being a week “moved” for Apple, with much of the visible heads of the management cast company appearing in major media. Yesterday it was the turn of Tim Cook in WSJ. D talking about Apple Pay, Apple Watch and iPod Classic, today is the turn of Greg Joswiak in an interview for Re/Code of Walt Mossberg.

It has also had time to talk about Apple Watch and Apple Pay, but what brings us today the first public apology from an officer of Apple iOS 8.0.1 update, as you very well know it caused for the iPhone 6 and 6 plus become a brick no mobile network coverage and No Touch ID.

Greg says openly that the error of iOS 8.0.1 was not due to a bug in the Software itself, but on a bug in the way of distributing iOS 8 update. Greg said in the interview with Walt that Apple apologizes for any inconvenience this update brought about. But must get us perhaps the positive, that this update was aborted in little more than one hour, could reverse and the next day was released an upgrade that did not have this problem.

Apple Vice President of marketing for the iPhone also left us a few hints about the future Apple Wearable. When Walt asked about if Apple Watch would cost several thousand dollars, Greg stated that There will be a wide range of prices all Apple users interested in taking an Apple Watch you will find the model that best suits your needs and your pocketbook.