Honeycomb for Nook Color Is Now a Reality

The release of the SDK, and the subsequent official presentation, honeycomb is giving much to talk about. A few days ago a user from XDA community published a Nook Color video with 3.0 Honeycomb that showed the new version of the Android operating system running on a Nook Color. An interesting concept test but little stable.

After a few arrangements has uploaded a fairly stable version so that any user of this company eBook reader Barnes & Nobles. Installation is simple and will allow their lucky owners be the first to test the benefits of Honeycomb.

The image of the operating system is based on the version of the SDK emulator, the kernel of the Nook and a bit of code for the ROM Cyanogen Mod 7 version. The procedure is as simple as downloading the image from the Forum and install it from the ebook.

Although it is stable at the moment is under development and though already many functions are operational yet there are things that solve such as video decoding hardware. So if you have a Nook Color and you want to try remember that you do it under your own responsibility. If you fancy them to try it, we recommend a previous backup and format the SD card to be able to perform a clean installation.

The opinions of the users of XDA are, for the time being, quite positive. Anyway We remind you that Honeycomb is just around the corner and that soon we can enjoy this new version officially in tablets such as the Motorola Xoom and LG Slate.