HTC Will Incorporate High-Definition Video Recording and The Dolby 5.1 Surround at Its Terminals in 2011

Few phones of the new breed of HTC There are present, so now the news about the Taiwanese company begins to turn on other routes, such as for example the rumor that he would be preparing a new operating system, or the decision to involve the customers when choosing a name for a future terminal.

The news of today don’t know if catalogued as rumor, since it has as source to the own HTC in the presentation of their terminals Desire, Legend and Smart in South Africa. From there they inform us that phones that will appear in 2011 will have the capacity to record 1080 p video, and that incorporate a developed by Yamaha 5.1 Surround sound system.

Not only is he content to us long teeth, they ensure that recording capabilities will come in the second quarter of next year, while the sound system ready well before to some terminals. That supposedly Yamaha is the company behind this section gives me good feelings.

Another detail which dropped is the development of a tablet with Google operating system, and the truth is that they did not speak very clear on this subject, and they already seem too many relevant information from a simple presentation of terminals in a country that is not exactly a very important market. Anyway, I think interesting to echo us this information, even if we take with tweezers.

If some of these innovations materialize, resettle to HTC as a direct competitor in a matter of technology with respect to Samsung, specializing in brand new any developments appearing in the market.