IAd Expands to 70 New Countries, a Look at His Future and Challenges

It was more than 4 years ago when Apple presented iAd, its own advertising developer platform. Initially, the idea was to provide a new way to generate fast and comfortable incomes for developers IOS. While it was announced by the top, the evolution of this initiative has been slow and, for some, disappointing.

Yesterday afternoon, Apple announced on their website developers that aid would be available in 70 countries additional. With this addition, the bulk of countries that become part of the programme amounts to 95. While iAd is a service that has passed without penalty or glory the last few years, all of this could change in the future.

What is iAd Apple and where it could go

iAd does not represent a significant portion of your business

iAd is not a core business in the Apple business. The bulk of its revenues come from sales of hardware, but that is essential for its developers earn life with free apps. Apple protects the data of its users share with advertisers, something that would be limiting its potential with special zeal.

Advertisers want to know who will place their ads and who will see to to better direct their efforts. Apple does not have intention to change this limitation. But in return, I would be willing to integrate best commercials and best ways to sell products:

  • Ads in video full screen on our iPhones and iPads apps.
  • Integration with Apple Pay to buy products from the announcement directly.

This last feature will be very interesting for advertisers since your advertising aims to sell more products. Integrating Apple Pay, California company would be by removing barriers and paving the way for the sale of products. A system in which all stakeholders would win: advertisers increase the effectiveness of your ads, the developer pays off his effort and the user shop comfortably from your iOS device.

In addition, it was almost a year ago when Eddy Cue reenfocaba iAd efforts to target the users of iTunes Radio. Free music supported thanks to the publicity of iAd, among other initiatives. This business model It could move to a hypothetical Apple TV with free content supported by advertising (iAd and other means).

The challenge of privacy

Apple has positioned itself recently as a company that protects the privacy of its users. This that is why recent efforts to expand and promote iAd They seem to be inconsistent. Today, we’re associating advertising with invasion of privacy with one increasing frequency.

A very small part of our business helps advertisers, is iAd. Contruimos a network of publicity because some developers depend on this business model and we want to support them to them and the free iTunes Radio. iAd has the same policies of privacy than any other Apple product. Not getting data of Health and Homekit, maps, Siri, iMessage, call history, or any other iCloud as contacts or Mail service, and you can always opt not to participate in [iAd]- Tim Cook.

Tim Cook has said on numerous occasions that Apple is not in the business of collecting our data. In other words, Apple would not be the Fox guarding the chickens. However, no longer be contradictory when they have an own ad platform.

I think that Apple cannot apply double standards on this issue. Transparency is essential in this respect if they want to position themselves as the defender of privacy in the Digital age. Cases like the Spotlight on Yosemite are small errors but very dangerous for someone who takes this role. We are all going to watch with magnifying his performance now, why cannot afford mistakes of this type.