Image of The Week: Nokia Knows How to Beat Records Guinness Using a Nokia N8

Our image of the week is, as a unique image where there are them. Nokia takes several weeks wanting to demonstrate the power and meaning of its brand, but would better way of doing that? big and small? And if it is even beating some other record, maybe better than better, isn’t it?

This week Nokia has made a curious experiment when projecting the film “Prince of Persia: the sands of time” in the world’s largest cinema screen Thanks to the help of a Nokia N8. With the same terminal, and a special lens, the creators of “Wallace and Gromit” they were weeks ago an interesting project called “Dot”, the “Stop-Motion” animation short tiniest ever recorded.

The cinema screen in the world at the service of a Nokia N8

The screen we see in images and video was mounted in Rosengård (Sweden) and had a size of 1428 square meters (51 metres wide x 28 meters long), what it was that it was sustained with the help of a couple of cranes, close to the facade of a building.

The film was screened in this gigantic screen thanks to four projectors XLM HD30 140 kg each, which were, in turn, connected to a Nokia N8 via its HDMI port.

On some 1500 people they came to look so curious event, as well as other 1000 who viewed it from their own homes, accommodated on their balconies.

Dot, a microscopically short film made by Aardman Animation with a Nokia N8

At the other end of the scale, the Nokia N8 has also demonstrated that it can surprise “small”.

The boys of Aardman Animation, creators of the famous “Wallace and Gromit”, have used a Nokia N8 with a so-called special lens Cellscope to roll this so-called short special “Dot”.

The short had the crumb, and they had to use to create the effect of motion on the girl more than 50 different models of the same character, in addition to many more tricks that you see in the “You did” own short.

The short film has been certified in the Guinness Book of Records.