Image of The Week: The Pullitas from Nokia to HTC in London

HTC sends buses at the door of the Nokia World to kidnap him, so We deliver balloons and lunch… and we call “ dirty ”? Lol!

It’s what happens when Nokia and HTC schedule your most important events on the same day … and in the same city. We’re talking, of course, the Nokia World 2010 (Developer Summit) and the presentation of the new HTC Sense, HTC Desire Z and Desire HD. HTC organized the event taking advantage of the wealth of media that would come from ExCel. Nokia struck back with much sarcasm, We have what you:

This you see above is the survival of Nokia for the HTC Conference Kit. Consists of a sandwich “ HTC ” (Ham, Tomato, Cheese, not too flavorful), energy (if needed a stimulus), one bar a finger giant (for use during the questions and answers and to make sure that we see), a pen (for scribble), a headset and a mask (if you want to give us a NAP), and the letter of instructions that you have below.

A very complete kit with which Nokia dismissed (sadly, with sense of humour?) the Nokia World 2010. And the balloons? Ah, yes! A group of young appeared with huge red balloons that put “ I know where I’m going with Ovi Maps for Nokia ” to the surroundings of the HTC event. Have they been passed? That you decide, we had only clear that Nokia versus HTC It had to be the image of the week.