IOS 4.3 Reveals The Presence of A5 in The Future IPhone 5 Dual-Core Processor

Perhaps the news of the day is the release of the long-awaited update of iOS 4.3 by Apple. Issue more than one advantage for a glimpse of the final version of the abovementioned evolution in search of hidden secrets in code. As it has come to light thanks to a seasoned developer who has been with the key that indicates the future iPhone 5 will have in its bowels the same A5 processor as the iPad 2 recently submitted.

A new file in the kernel from the version of iOS 4.3 for the iPad and in whose name appears the code “ n94 ” that has always characterized the iPhone He has been commissioned to provide the first clues. Especially if one takes into consideration that this file was not in the previous beta versions, or even in the Gold Master which usually keep many similarities with the final version.

In this file are again and the references to the chain “ S5L8940 & #8221; that it is not other that the dual core processor A5 which Apple unveiled in his last presentation, getting to the height of some of its main competitors in terms of processing capacity. This point is not a small detail of what we possibly wait in a few months, when we will see until point the Cupertino have put all the meat on the spit.