Join Is The New Competitor of Pushbullet and Its Beta Version Already Suggests Ways

If you like automation applications for Android, you probably know to Joao Apps. This developer has achieved public recognition by AutoApps, a library of actions for Tasker. In fact, if we use this application it is convenient to alight João’s to have an excellent repository and thus get more out. Your new creation is called Join and looks good.

Join is an application that wants to bring us many functions that we have already seen in Pushbullet or in some of its competitors. At the moment is in beta but that Joao has shown so far looks good. Yes, best known takes many ideas from the application to send information on a mobile device to another but also introduces new features that add more attractive still.

A competitor for Pushbullet with much to Polish

With the current beta (can download the application from here and the extension for Chrome on this link) you can have a Clipboard in the cloud to copy and paste texts and send them to the time to different devices. Also one can answer SMS messages, currently support for messaging apps there is type WhatsApp.

One of the new features found in this application is the possibility of make a screenshot on Android and send it to the moment to our computer for example. In my particular case is something very useful since it allows me to make screenshots and have them in your PC to the second then edit them and use them to edit posts.

Where are the data sent between devices? João clarified that the information we move in Join is it done through Google Drive and at no time passes by other servers. At the moment this is all that offers which to be a beta is surprising because we have a lot to choose from and try.

Where is most noticeable is a beta is in the interface. What you will see when you install the application is a little Spartan still, but with time surely will be improved to be more attractive. Join, at the moment, aims to be a project to follow for those who want to have a tool that allows to join devices and send information to the time.