Leaked 2011 Software Roadmap of RIM: BlackBerry OS 7 Will Come in The Third Quarter of The Year

Has appeared in the network a document that we are sure that you will be interested to thousands of users, and is that we have been able to access which seems to be the roadmap of Software releases that you have expected RIM to their smartphones BlackBerry in this 2011.

The list of releases and updates shown in it seems to be that it is serving perfectly for now, since these releases appear as the service BlackBerry Protect, which is now in public beta form. But the most interesting thing is what is to come, according to the sheet, we talk about one BIS upgrade 4.0 and 4.1, and the launch of BlackBerry OS 7 around the month of November, among other new developments.

Is little clear if the new BlackBerry OS 7 It will be an update to the current BlackBerry OS 6.1 or if it will appear with new devices and then it will be released for previous terminals. Nor do we know if it will be directly related to the possibility of arriving future smartphones based on the new system of QNX, a system that the company QNX It develops together with RIM PlayBook Tablet.

On the other hand, the update to BIS 4.0 It is most immediately appearing in the calendar, being March, April or early may selected dates. BIS 4.1 It will come in August or early September.

Beta 2 of Facebook 2.0 you will also in March as well as the App World for Playbook. Services such as BlackBerry Protect 1.1 and 1.2, Identity Service, Social Feeds 2.0 and BlackBerry News they will arrive in may.

The vacuum of new software existing in the Strip for the third quarter of the year, just showing the mentioned BlackBerry OS 7, makes us think that it will be the time when RIM will begin to reveal News to know about the system. We will be waiting for them.