Macs Take a Step Forward by Placing as The Second Best-Selling Product Line for Apple

Macs are dead… The Post-Pc era has come and the Apple business is no longer sell computers, cannot create better Macs. Apple has forgotten the professional, the user of your computer. Apple what you are interested in selling is “iPads” and “iPhones”. If that is the intention of Apple I’m afraid that the move has not left him very well.

During this last quarter of this year 2014 we saw a few facts. As always, in Applesfera I kept promptly informed. Apple managed to sell more Macs computers during these three months than iPad tablets. Would perhaps by their imminent renewal? We could think of it as well, but not the same thing with the iPhone happened.

The truth is that the data are there and clear is primary market of Apple. But it is curious Apple increasing sales of Macs over the years, on the contrary that occurs with the general market of sale of “PC´s” which sees as their numbers fall.

Today a 6% of the computers in the world are Macs. Yes, it is a ridiculous percentage, it is, but think that, in 2006, that percentage was 2.1% then we see that Apple has been increasing sales of Macs in 33 of the past 34 semester. Apple manages to overcome a personal record that had been unbeatable since 1995. It seems that the iPhone effect is still very important for this.

Curious Tablets in Europe market shares

Our colleagues from El Blog Salmón brought us a few days ago some interesting data on the market share of Android and iOS in Europe. In the field of Smartphones, data are those that are and we know all, Android is a clear winner.

But if we focus on Tablets, we see that the iPad is still light years from its competitors. The fee is clear a 72 compared to 27 percent of iPads with respect to other manufacturers of android tablets. Apple has a good product on the iPad, we hope to know treat you as you deserve.