Men with Style: The Best Looks of The Week (LXXXVI)

She is the end of the first week of October but not before doing a review for the best looks of the week. As always, we try to show you the elegance and style of our famous national and international Street. We started with the season premieres, awards and events.

We started with Joseph Gordon-Levitt that he accompanied Julianne Moore the day of its premiere on the walk of Fame. The actress already has his star but we give another Joseph Gordon by its styling. But the thing is not here…

Grey is a perfect color for fall and example of good taste has given us the Prince with this perfectly tailored suit where Felipe It also plays with the contrast of printed with his shirt and tie. Worthy follow. Who said that stripes and polka dots were not striking?

Rafael Nadal It is again at the top of the tennis world and has on the other hand we become surprised with a very faithful to his style look but that can serve as inspiration for many men. Our athlete star also deserves a recognition of style.

Speaking of recognition it is impossible not to mention one of the finest actors, the always perfect George Clooney. I love the detail of the glasses on the jacket, it adds a casual touch to so sober look. Bravo Mr. Clooney!

But outside the formal and protocol there are style and if that don’t ask him to Liam Hemsworth with a wardrobe basic such as jeans, shoes, striped shirt and CAP has got a good look for every day.

And another whose street-look loved has been Armie Hammer It uses the colors of the autumn for those days where the sun shines more and allowed a shorts and t-shirt. Perfect for a stroll.

As you can see they are quite varied but with what do you stay? Who you think that was the best dress of the week? Propose your loved ones even though they are not here.