More Than One Million of Credit Cards Are Activated at Apple Pay during Their First 72 Hours of Life

Yesterday Tim Cook jumped to the stage of WSJ. (D) during a conference held in Laguna Beach, California. And the CEO of Apple focused on revealing us as it has done with the launch of Apple Pay. It seems that their first 72 hours of life could not be more hopeful, the numbers are still better than expected.

During these first three days of life of payment platform, Apple has tested as they have been activated to pay through Apple Pay more than one million credit and debit cards. It seems that the Apple experience in the field of electronic payments could not have begun with best foot.

In fact we find that Apple has already more credit cards using Apple Pay than the rest of combined (in the United States) with mobile payment platforms. The interviewer took the opportunity to ask Tim Cook on the decision of some large block payment via NFC (and therefore Apple Pay).

Tim was clear, and the truth is that I agree with him, the dealer must do what the client requests, and only time will show them if they were wrong or not with that movement. But a system of payment should be fast and secure, faster ‘to use the portfolio’ and the system devised by these superstores, really it is not.


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