Motorola Xoom, with USB Released for More Functions

This is one of those news stories that, for the moment, few can enjoy, but that they will pave the way when the tablet is 100% available in the Spanish market, no crazy contracts, in particular in its Wifi version (exclusively).

For those who already have one Motorola Xoom (lucky them), the news is more than interesting because the tablet comes from the factory with the micro connection Grey USB. The discovery, or rather, the hack is that you have managed to activate the possibility of USB host.

The function of USB host is that it allows you to make these server and that you can have customers and thus manage or recognise the devices you connect it, as keyboards, memory and hard drives, to give an example. One of the developers of XDA Developers, nicknamed Roebeet, taking advantage of the freedom of having root in the Xoom has modified the firmware to enable this function. Remember that both the activation of root how to modify the firmware void your warranty from Motorola.

However there are rumors that Motorola going to activate this feature in the next update of the Xoom, so it is possible to take out when the Wifi version is already everything implemented and, being official, we would not have to take unnecessary chances, although we will have to wait to see who moves to the next tab. For those who are waiting for the landing of the Xoom in Spain, these official news and community will make our waiting more bearable.


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