Movistar and Vodafone Have Just with Their Points Programs

Movistar and Vodafone abandon their old proposals to renew the mobile when you already known client as points programs that discounts were obtained to change mobile phone according to the monthly spending, affecting this measure in a way very different from both operators. Orange on the other hand, disposing of its points program had when it put an end to the known Renove style.

The worse off will be customers of Movistar because if not used their movis previously accumulated points of the March 1, 2015, will lose them along with the possible discount that may have accumulated to redeem either on a new phone or for discounts on purchases of McDonalds, petrol or in an entry to go to the movies.

Vodafone It will also eliminate its points program next 7 February Although the clients of the operator will be less affected since in practice, he had stopped having felt accumulate points some time since they only result in discounts with the old rates size but they did not offer any advantage with prevailing rates since the arrival of the payment.

Discounts now come from the hand of brands

The end of points to renew by mobile programs has been another effect caused following the end of subsidies and now, both existing customers new tend to pay the same price to buy a new phone and at a cost much more adjusted to reality or at least offered more transparently by showing him independent tariff and without additives of “mobile free” that accompanied the ancient fattened rates.

But the loss of sales of terminals along with the operators encouraged to the manufacturers to encourage purchases with promotions that return part of the money, give covers or other snap-ins and offer sweepstakes from televisions, consoles or travel operators are responsible for promoting its stores.

In addition, operators made their points programs evolve into programs of client advantages reaching agreements with brands to offer discounts on all sorts of everyday situations such as going to the movies, eating out, rent an apartment, buy flights or relax in a spa among an infinite number of possibilities further. For all the deals that will be continuously renewing, you can access your catalogs in the websites that operators have been prepared both in Movistar, Vodafone, Orange, or Tuenti.