Movistar Clarifies That The Message of Speed Reduction in Rate IPhone Has Been an Error

But do not believe us. Inform customers with iPhone on speed reduction, modify the manual of prices on the same day as shown by the image and start to apply discounts in invoice for the change is that “it has been a mistake”.

“INFO: due to a network problem, yesterday received a sms with changes in your iphone browsing speed, it was a mistake.” We apologize for the inconvenience

This is the SMS that Movistar has begun to apologize today itself with its iPhone customers because, according to his twitter, yesterday it was a “parameterized by network error message”.

It may occur that the message of yesterday really was a mistake as it began to rumors on twitter and why xatakamovil seeking a second reliable source confirming it and what better place to find it than in official price manual of Movistar (page 203), which is frequently updated with any changes as seen in the image above.

Before the uproar that occurred in less than 24 hours by this “fake change” appears that Movistar has decided reluctantly blaming everything on an error, which shows whatever the excuse, that sometimes the operators also rectify if the market response is firm.

We will have doubt if the rectification has occurred for fear of casualties without penalty, by the poor image which is to host the iPhone operator until this month or for any other reason but who do not seek us deceive. As image of the week, We leave the two SMS sent by Movistar: