Movistar Is Ahead of Rivals on Its 4G Network in Madrid and Barcelona

Movistar is ahead of Vodafone and Orange. Three large operators of our country take some time testing the benefits of advanced 4G or LTE-Advanced, although it has so far been in that, tests. And although Vodafone recently announced the imminent arrival of LTE-A to Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia finally Movistar has beaten him.

Clients of the operator with compatible devices, very few still can use from today in Madrid and Barcelona the evolution of 4G. A deployment therefore of very limited time and again with an environment little prepared, because of the limited availability of compatible terminals..

Download 300 Mbps using mobile network speeds already timidly reach the market. After the tests that have been both Movistar, Vodafone MoviStar Orange has decided to put up the 4G advanced in Madrid and Barcelona. In spite of this operators catalogs contain very few compatible terminals, Since these need to be LTE category 6 to be able to take advantage of the evolution of 4G..

As the initial deployment is always very limited, although from Movistar they promise to bring the Advanced 4 G to other major cities before the end of the year to undertake the large deployment in 2015, When the 800 MHz band available. It will therefore next year that we’ll see how really expands the coverage both of 4 G 4 G advanced, since these initial ads have more marketing, always sells first rather than of actual evolution..