Movistar Is Also Targeted Mobile Payments Using NFC Fashion

On numerous occasions we have heard about the NFC and all the possibilities that we can offer. But today only Vodafone and Orange had bet, each one with their options, because your customers can pay with their mobile adapted commercially.

But now it’s Movistar who also points to mobile payments with its own commitment but with important differences from rivals. Will be a bank which has to issue a card host it in the NFC SIM, reducing time potential users of the service, more if you look at the low range of compatible phones.

Movistar already has its own NFC payment service, but very limited. NFC payments operator born Alliance signed also by Vodafone and Orange with Visa and La Caixa. For access to the service users have several conditions: be who have to ask laCaixa, only compatible with the service of time Bank, a credit card and will have to ask for a new SIM card, in addition to having a compatible mobile MoviStar.

For the time being the limitations are many, Since necessary SIM cards will only be available in stores Movistar in Madrid and Barcelona, no they be worth it if the user does not have a Samsung Galaxy SII NFC, S3, S4, or S5. In addition the need to contract with laCaixa card associated with the service costs you may have, even more limited access to service.

As with Vodafone and Orange options, you will need to install an application at mobile, NFC wallet in this case. From it you can manage cards associated with the Movistar SIM. When making payments also we find that the less than 20 euros do not require to enter your PIN to pay but if superiors.

The commitment of Movistar NFC payments continues to be interesting but with a long way to go. At least we hope that joining this service drag to other operators and which of step so that every time a greater number of businesses have a compatible POS terminal with NFC payments.