Movistar Is Catch Up to Increasing Fares Fusion Data

It was time to say many. And it is that Movistar Fusion rates came one offering against the competition amount of megabytes in the moving lines quite lower. A fact that it pushed many users opt for other operators, especially when they are not interested in the growing offer Movistar TV.

But now after a failed renovation in summer come long-awaited Fusion rates update. Change undertaken by Movistar in its mergers is simple, pass the lowest rates of 100 to 500 megs and duplicate of 1 to 2 gigas tariffs with unlimited calls. All without increases in prices and without touching the rest of characteristics of the convergent offer.

After days which only talked about operators in the subject purchase of Jazztel’s Orange again touching talk about rates. As expected Movistar finally renewed rates, in this case increasing the data included in the mobile lines of their mergers. Having fallen behind the competition, offering at least generally 500 megs in the simpler rates only Movistar has touched this aspect.

In the case of the fee simple, Fusion TV with you, the megas are multiplied by five, up to 500. In other types of Fusion and the additional line with unlimited calling the bonus data capacity is doubled, going from 1 to 2 gigabytes. The rest features different fusions (TV packs, minutes calling, speed of connection or price) are maintained as we know them so far.

For current customers they hired Fusion TV from July 18 the implementation of these improvements will be automatic from today. To those who did so between March 7 and 17 July applies les during the month of October, although they can request it in any at time. Users of other mergers will have to switch to one of the current arrangements, signing 12 months of permanence. They will also have to request the change customers of the old fee of 24.20 euros, signing also a year.

Movistar not enters the fight of the price

With this movement Movistar nor will offer convergent rate with unlimited calls and 2 gigabytes on your mobile most economical but in return offers a package that other operators billed separately. We will therefore see if the strengthening of the data aspect and the television offer help to Movistar. Now just need to someday Movistar renew a mobile contract fees completely out of market.