Movistar, The Price of The MultiSIM Rises and Begins to Charge for The Second Service Line in January

With the arrival of the new year by usual rises in prices that some operators still dare to perform come also. Thus, Movistar has begun to announce to your customers in the legal term, one month in advance, the price rises which will apply from January onwards, and there are two interesting mobile services that will suffer increases.

On the one hand the multiSIM from Movistar, which allows you to share a same phone number, with up to four SIM cards will rise in 1.21 euros your monthly premium. And second line, a service that allows you to have a second physical SIM card, which until now was free phone number will have a cost of 3 euros per month.

Movistar is one of the operators that most strives to offer additional services, many non-existent or more limited in other operators, but in January it is proposed monetize these services. In this way the multiSIM service will increase its monthly fee while second-line will be paid.

Movistar multiSIM service can carry a phone number in up to four SIM cards, making use of calls as the connection to the Internet. A really interesting service, typically in other operators is allowing only use the data in the additional cards, but that as of January 1 you will see as their monthly passes from 3.63 to 4.84 euros.

Second line, a second number without a SIM card

On the other hand one of those non-existent services in other operators Movistar does offer is the second line. With this by means of an application available for Android, iOS, and BlackBerry OS your users can have a second phone number that will share the main number of the user fee. This service, which until now was free, will now have a cost of 3 euros per month from January 18.

The introduction of a monthly fee in second line could answer to that would be a few users who have this service by the mere fact of being free, even without reaching never used. Now, that really give you use may request the number portability hired through that service, if they don’t want to keep it on Movistar.

As long as an operator changes the terms of the contract unilaterally users who have contracted these services can give them low without any penalty, if they had it. Personally, both services are hard to find in other operators and surely many users have chosen to Movistar by them, by which rises not will please them, but many will not be those who flee from Movistar by these price increases.