Movistar Will Allow to Share Data between Mobile Lines of Fusion and Will Improve Your TV in 2014

Today Movistar we had convened to introduce ourselves to the reform of its flagship store in Madrid Gran Via but the operator has not wasted the opportunity and get your product chest star, Movistar Fusion, they have also left us a small preview of which will be in it innovations for 2014.

Movistar TV will be the main shaft and is that the operator wants that its convergent offer is not limited to fijo+ADSL/fibra+movil if not also all these clients will have hired TV service, for what will follow mejorandolo, but also another important novelty is the sharing of data between mobile lines.

Sharing of data between mobile lines

An important enhancement that will arrive in 2014, although already had hinted his arrival earlier, is that Movistar Fusion customers will share its mobile lines the megs that include different fares, in a way that these they will form a common bag so call it which will be accessible to all lines.

This service, which will be necessary to activate calling 1004, will be totally free It is a novelty that many will like and is that 100 or 200 MB offered in certain forms are very short for many users while giga including other options may be surplus to others, so the union of both options will delight more than one.

Improvements in Movistar TV

The promotion that soon will end, that gives anyone who hire any Movistar Fusion mode a full pack of television until next summer, now let us see how this was one of the main weapons of the operator to attract customers looking to have all of these services in a single operator.

But to continue with this trend Movistar TV will most improve your offer during 2014, for example with the expansion of 18 to 30 HD channels available, only for customers with fiber, but also with exclusive content, like the next edition of Roland Garros, or a new service catch-up to see already issued content.

Another strong point is that now not only customers of fiber will have one free reduced version of Movistar TV but the operator will also extend this benefit to the ADSL customers, Although unknown if exactly the same pack of channels and if this will not bring with it a rise in price.

Bet on fiber and 4G

To finish not only Movistar has overtaken news environment to its merger offer but that he also wanted to speak of the next-generation networks both fixed, fibre to the home, such as mobile, 4G, ensuring that if you currently have a network that no other operator has in Spain.

In addition to follow with its own deployment of 4 G, remember that they were the last to reach the 4G and they have an agreement of national roaming for it with Yoigo, Movistar will step the accelerator with fiber, already reaching 3.5 million households, of whom half a million have contracted, with the extension of its coverage to 7.1 million households, What would cause the Movistar FTTH reached more households than ONO cable, with seven million currently.

Turns the permanence

Another point that also has resurfaced in the presentation today has been the permanence, eliminated mobile contracts a few months ago, except in cases in which the terminal that you purchase is partially funded, but that is still present in the contracts of Movistar Fusion.

In this respect Movistar said to be studying the Elimination of such permanence and who can get it in 2014 although Personally one doesn’t believe it is much. The installation of a line fixed ADSL and the decoder TV in this case has costs for the operator which amortize them making sure that the customer is going to remain at least one year.

If a client only remained a month with Movistar contract Fusion the benefit to the operator would be scarce to say the null, by that either these intentions are falling on deaf ears or introduces a new fee of installation or implementation covering the eventual running low customer in a short time.