Movistar Will Put Your ADSL at The Height of Their Rivals with The Elimination of The Limit of 10 MB

Despite owning the network of broadband fixed most extensive of the country Movistar not like its rivals explodes the copper pair. The ex-monopolio currently offers a maximum of 10 MB download, while under the same cable Orange offers up to 20 megs, Jazztel to 30 megs and Vodafone up to 35 megabytes.

The Movistar ADSL last renewal occurred in 2010, When increased its speed from 6 to 10 Megs down. Since then the company has focused on the deployment of fibre, now in stand-by, but soon to be improvements over the old ADSL, increasing its speed to all clients and prospective clients of Movistar.

At the height of the optical fiber to the home, with the mess of the regulation of Movistar fiber from through, again having ADSL-related news. Without knowing yet dates and exact speeds Movistar will undertake in the near future, probably from this month to March, the improvement of their copper pair connections.

Objective: to offer the maximum possible speed

The aim of Movistar is not more than squeezing its copper pair network, eliminating the absurd limit of 10 megabytes of descent that it takes years to autoimponiendo is. In the near future as many current Movistar customers like the new ADSL connections, including Fusion, may receive the maximum speed your line conditions can offer you.

With the Elimination of the limit of Movistar clients they could have up to 30 megs down, the maximum speed that has marketed Movistar in the past using VDSL. Now, the truth is that the actual speed that each customer will have will depend on much of the distance from your home to the central that you service. For really noticeable increase in speed the user would have to be less than two kilometres from the plant, since otherwise you will just notice the improvement of connection.

In short, the increase of the Movistar ADSL speed, in the absence of more details of how will it take place, is good news for who does not have blessed with fiber or cable coverage any operator. The strange thing is that Movistar, being owner of the copper pair network, had not decided to exploit it to its limits so far, in full development of fiber.