Movistar Will Reach 42Mbps Mobile Internet in The Next Few Years among Other Improvements

Last autumn Movistar and Vodafone announced the possibility to browse up to 21Mbps in the biggest cities with the intention of going slowly extending the new speeds to the rest of the population and if these improvements at the moment only a few “ few ”, now Movistar returns to announce other measures which will achieve the 42Mbps in mobility through the HSPA + network.

Specifically, Movistar will conduct a three-year project together with Nokia Siemens Networks to improve mobile broadband services in several aspects that we will detail below:

  • In addition to be able to reach speeds of 42Mbps, provide increased bandwidth to support the exponential increase in demand.
  • It will modernize the network to use in future the 3g in the 900 Mhz band (refarming) and even flexible it for the future adoption of LTE or 4G.
  • Will you do one increased energy efficiency that will allow to reduce the environmental impact and a great energy saving (equivalent to which generate 6,750 Spanish homes a year).
  • Also will be in charge of monitor, manage and optimize the network improving the user experience and allowing launch new services related to the broadband future.

We hope that these intentions are only a simple announcement of increased speed in the long run if not that suddenly translates into what many users expect from the latest improvements that has engaged in Vodafone to eliminate unlimited fares speed reduction or allow VoIP.