New Google’M’ Feature: Automatic Data Backup of Apps

A much sought after feature introduced in earnest with Google M, application data up to 25 MB can be stored on the Google Drive.

A new feature which was not talked so highly about at Google i/o, is that applications can automatically be stored in the mode the user has left them-i.e. including data. The functionality has been around for a long time, but is now being converted into an opt-out feature instead of the opposite.

If you have tried to change Android phone, you have probably discovered that Google Play automatically upon which applications previously installed, making it easier and faster to get started on the new device, but so far, it has often been without knowing anything in the data that may be added in the applications.

The functionality has been around for a long time, but it has been up to each application developer to use it, with varying success. So now it will be an automatic part of the Android M-unless you deselect the option.

Data from installed applications can be stored on your Google Drive, as long as the amount of data per applications is less than 25 MB, and it is also quite automatically, developers will not need to change or add something to their applications before it can work.

As a starting point, there are some rules for what data will be stored, and developers can also specify to include or exclude individual folders-and completely renounce the ability to save a data backup.

Many users who have a rooted phone has, of course, could make their own backup, but this addition to the Android M has nevertheless been sought after by many over the years.