New IPhone Close. Probably a CDMA for Verizon Model

A few lines of code in iOS 4 they have unveiled three new devices from Apple on way: iPhone 3.2, iPhone 3.3 and iProd2, 1. While the latter name refers to a second version of the iPad, the first two are obviously two new iPhone models. Although there are who bet with enthusiasm for an iPhone 4 with internal antenna and some extra inches, ignoring the rumor mill in recent weeks would rather gamble by an iPhone 3Gs and an iPhone 4 with CDMA technology instead of GSM.

Firstly, do we we believe that the launch is near? According to the Boy Genius Report source, is not the first time that this type of code is discovered by reverse engineering: is the same used by developers of Apple to make not necessary to activate through iTunes devices that have not yet come on the market. We assume that the code appears when products are in stages of testing by the operators and partners, either by providing the testing either that these activations are not recorded. More dream launch date: January 2011.

On the other hand, by which CDMA, for which Verizon? Well, characters that surround the Apple as John Gruber scene have ensured that that iPhone 4 CDMA not only is on the way, is already in evidence, and the platform code is N92AP. What is not so clear is for Verizon, could reach Sprint or may not be destined to United States, but to Asia, with China Telecom. But Verizon, the company that channeled the overwhelming success of Motorola Droid, it would make sense to repeat those queues that already got the iPhone 4 with AT & T GSM.