Nokia Asks for Help to Its Users to Design The Perfect Smartphone

Nokia has launched this week an interesting project and from the first day has been a well received: Design by Community. The name gives many tracks. From his official blog ask for help to the community, to Nokia users, to design the concept of an ideal mobile phone.

I say “ concept ” because for now is simply that, understand what means ideal for users and keep that in mind. It is not gather the votes and send to make the result. Although, time to time, all will be given. But that, in the future; Let’s see what poses Design by Community.

In fact it is not more than a survey. But not a survey tedious and boring; This time (what will be) especially interested in participation and the sincerity of the end users, so the voting system is dynamic and entertaining. A kind of control panel virtual which we can vary our perfect phone parameters, and it will automatically indicate if our blend of features is too ambitious, too simple, or ideal.

This campaign will last eight weeks and our opinions bosarán each week on a different aspect of the phone. To start, we are asked to give our opinion on the screen and interface. A couple of references: the minimum screen size can be chosen is 3 inches, and the end result will have MeeGo or Symbian. I leave you the link, and the program if you are interested in participating:

  • Week 1: display and user interface
  • Week 2: size and shape
  • Week 3: materials
  • Week 4: Symbian or MeeGo?
  • Week 5: connectivity
  • Week 6: camera
  • Week 7: improvements
  • Week 8: how we call it?