Nokia Has Set Its Goal: Beat Android

It seems that we already know what, in their own way, meant Eldar Murtazin with that of Nokia is killing itself. The Espoo have pressed the reset button and to this Mobile World Congress have not brought new terminals, but their plans for the future, they are almost a clean slate.

Stephen Elop He climbed onto the stage and it has been clear, as in its internal release of a few days ago: “our first priority is overcome to Android». You are the most important ideas that have commented on this afternoon Nokia Press Conference:

  • The CEO believes that there is three large players in the mobile market: iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7. Seems that you forget to BlackBerry and rule out webOS (on this last, HP has another point of view).
  • The objective will be to reach and defeat Android. Meanwhile they will compete with other manufacturers within the own ecosystem of Windows Phone.
  • Nokia is already working on its first Windows Phone 7 and could be the first in the market This year. The concepts that appeared yesterday have been confirmed.
  • Elop admits that the Alliance makes them relying on Microsoft, but also allows Nokia to benefit services such as Xbox live.
  • Like any manufacturer, Nokia will have to pay licenses to Microsoft by using your system, but in turn will start earning by advertising to launch near Redmond a new advertising system.

Engadget have analyzed all of these ideas, as well as the future of Symbian and MeeGo.

Responding to the rumor mill

In the time of questions and answers, Stephen Elop emphatically silenced the “ gossips ” who questioned his loyalty to Nokia. Yesterday the network circulated the news that Elop is the seventh person with more shares of Microsoft and that would have come on Nokia as “ Trojan horse ” with the purpose that the company adopt WP7 operating system.

He denied the issue of shares (said that if I had so many it would be substantially richer) and said that it would sell all as soon as they allowed it. Also left in self-defense and the Board of Directors of Nokia in relation to the nickname of “ Trojan horse & #8221;: only the Board may take such a decision, and in this case did the night before announcing it (i.e., last Wednesday).