Now Yes, Come New Rates Lives to Movistar with More Gigs

We speak of them last July but the expected new mobile rates of Movistar which were cancelled by not reaching an agreement with Spotify, finally will come true next 1 October with some last-minute improvements.

After seeing how Movistar focused on improving again everything about Fusion, impressed that the rates for those interested only in the mobile line to remain impassive front to gigas increase in the rates of competition but in the end reacted and the operator releases the new rates family lives, also with more gigs.

More gigs to navigate, multiSIM and Núbico

Closely following the footsteps of Vodafone, Movistar eliminates the included SMS (except in the unlimited), offers a increase in data with up to 4 GB, includes free multiSIM in the most expensive category, and instead of YOMVI or Napster as Vodafone, Movistar includes subscription to Núbico, the Spotify’s books.

Rates lives are offered with calls to 0 cents per minute, with a bonus of 200 minutes, or unlimited calls included plenty of data that you can expand with new extra bonuses. A segmentation of rates is becoming common in all operators although each have their pros and cons.

As the four new rates, even if they are similar to the above rates, the interested in new modalities will need to request a change Since no applies automatically but does not assume any kind of permanence as if it occurs in certain cases with Fusion.

What changes with the new rates lives?

To learn more about the changes that involve new rates lives, we leave you with a comparison that shows in blue what improves and red which worsens:

After this change, Movistar is positioned with 30 lives as network operator with tariff unlimited and 2 GB cheap: 1 euro less than Orange and 2 euros less than Telstra and Vodafone, as well as with free datasharing (to unite and share the data of the family) and with Núbico, the service to read all the books you want.

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