P2pipcamhi: Review APP For Managing IP Cameras

Neo CoolCam manufacturer has launched a new range of IP cameras based on the so-called HI server. To use this range of cameras is necessary to use an APP called P2PIPCamHi dive into this document.

P2pipcamhi Review APP For Managing IP Cameras 3

How to install APP P2PIPCamHi

You can find the application in Google Play Store or iOS in AppleStore systems. In this document we will analyze the functioning of the application for Android, although its performance is similarly for iOS.

Once installed on your mobile, look for the icon to open the application.

How to connect IP camera to be recognized in the application

Camera must be connected to the current to be able to turn on, you should also take into account:

  • The application only is available for server Hi Neo CoolCam cameras
  • If the ´camara has ethernet connection you can connect it wired to your Router
  • If no ethernet connection you may only use the camera connection WiFi.

How to add IP cameras to P2PIPCamHi

A miniature of one or more IP cameras are configured in the application you will appear on the home screen.

The first time access does not appear you no configured camera to add a camera, click on “click to add camera”

On the next screen you have several ways to add the IP camera. According to IP camera model and as you want to make settings optaras by one or the other option.

Although in general the basic idea is the same and is to write in the UID box the camera address P2P.

In all cases in the box password you must write the password appears on the sticker of the camera, usually admin

Scan code UID of the camera

Using this option opens your smartphone’s camera to take a picture of the QR code of the camera. To recognize this code appears written in the UID box.

To use this option the camera must be connected to Internet with ethernet cable to your Router or a Router in another place.

Manually enter the UID code

Similar to the previous option if do not recognize you the UID code, you can choose to write this code in the box UID.

Similarly to the previous point the camera must be connected to Internet with cable to a local or remote Router.

Search camera LAN UID

Using this option the application will search in the same local network your smartphone is connected if there is a camera connected.

So your smartphone must be connected with WiFi to a Router which is connected to cable, or previously-configured WiFi compatible IP camera.

WiFi search

On model of IP cameras as NIP-61GE which has no ethernet connection, it is not possible to connect the camera to a Router with cable. So you have to choose this option.

First of all please note you must stand near the IP camera. And as we have stated your smartphone to the wireless network to which you want to install the IP camera connected.

On the display you appear you must write the password for your WiFi network and click on Advanced

When you turn on your IP camera only with food after 60 seconds the camera it will emit a continuous if it has an internal speaker. This indicates the camera is list waiting to be configured with this option.

If not listening sound performs a reset and wait until the camera is set to make the settings.

If you’ve heard the sound the APP will try to connect via WiFi with IP camera
P2pipcamhi Review APP For Managing IP Cameras 2

 IP camera located in APP

Both if you’ve opted for the path of locating camera looking for WiFi local network the following screen will give you to find connected camera.

In it you can see the P2P camera guidance which must coincide with the sticker. In addition you will be shown the IP address where the camera has been installed on your Router If you need access to a computer.

Select your camera from the table above, you will return to the previous screen where you have to type the password of the camera.

To confirm the data, you must click on the top right icon where it says removed. This is an error in translation that should be OK, or some similar message. We hope in next updates will correct this error.

Once added the IP camera

If you’ve done the previous process in a correct way the camera will appear on the main screen. You can repeat the same process if you need to have more cameras set up in the APP.

To access the camera settings you must click on the icon of the wheel on the right side of each camera.

In contrast to see images in the camera you must click on the camera icon appears on the left.

View live IP camera

I must say images are transmitted from camera through Internet from the camera to a P2P server and up to the APP. This makes that images will always be a delay and it may be approximately one 6 – 12 seconds. This speed may vary depending on the State of the server and if you use a WiFi or 4G / 3G.

If your camera has a motorized functions you can move the single goal by sliding your finger on the screen.

On the screen you see the following icons we are going to talk to you about from left to right and from top to bottom.

Mirror button. With this button you can create a mirror image which can be useful if you install the camera upside down on the ceiling.

Button Zoom. By which you can extend or reduce a part of the screen with a digital zoom.

Preset positions. You can save a position with this option if your camera is motorized. Also go to it by pressing the number that has been previously recorded.

Button to turn off or exit the playback.

Speaker button. When pressed if your camera has audio you can hear from the APP what happens where this camera. To speak, press the microphone button appears on the right side.

Image capture. Press the button of the photography camera will take a snapshot that will be stored in the phone’s memory.

Video recording. You can press this button to the APP record a video clip in memory of your smartphone.

The last button modifies the stream that video is transmitted.

IP camera settings

Remember about each camera could access the settings by clicking on the icon of the wheel.

All these parameters are configurations can be performed on each camera. I.e. you can modify the password, alarm,… in each camera individually.

Change security code

It is very important for your privacy to change the initial password of the camera.

Setting the alarm

From this menu, you can enable or disable motion detection and sensitivity with which will act. You can later choose to do in the event of this detection.

Don’t forget to click on apply to save your settings.

P2pipcamhi Review APP For Managing IP Cameras

Alarm action

Once in the above table you have chosen this detection enabled, in this you can choose to do when occurs this detection.

  • grab SD of alarm. If your camera has a slot to insert a memory with this function it records images on this memory.
  • Email and send image. Keep in mind should do the email settings to use this feature. The APP will send image capture at the time of the detection.
  • Alarm to send images to the FTP. Similarly to the previous point you must set the FTP server to send captures images with this option.
  • Record the video on an FTP server. Similar to the previous option in the upload video rather than capture images.

Timer recording

From this option you can configure the APP make recordings on a set schedule. You can also set the length of the created files.

Audio setup

If your camera has audio functions from this option you can configure input and output volumes.

Video settings

In this configuration, you can modify the parameters of the two main stream video

  • Bit rate. Or Bitrate is a value between 32 to 6144 which defines the quality of the image
  • Maximum image rate. At a value of 1 to 25, the number maximum framerate will attempt to show the APP.
  • Image quality. With values between 1 to 6 indicates the quality of the image.

You must take into account:

  • Higher resolution, higher bitrate or a value higher framerate than the use of bandwidth will be higher.
  • You can configure a second option for video that is transmitted data or stream. In this way you can access with a higher quality stream to view on a computer and other lower quality to view on a mobile.

WiFi frame

From this configuration, you can access to see if the camera is connected to WiFi. Or search for WiFi networks available to the camera to select to connect network.

SD card information

In this section of the configuration information is displayed if you have a memory card installed in the total size and the free memory.

You can also delete the entire contents of the memory card.

Time setting

You can set the time will be shown on camera since this configuration

Synchronize the device time. The camera will take time from your smartphone in which you are accessing the camera.

Schedule area of the device. Displays the time zone in which the camera is installed or you can select another location.

Clock to daylight-saving time. Mark if you want the camera take summer time.

Adjust the timezone. Click on this icon to save the settings.

E-mail settings

Earlier in the configuration has failed to activate the motion detection and action to do. If you have chosen to send an email, you must complete this information for the application to know from the mail and that emails you need to send these notices.

  • name of the Server SMTP. In this box will write the name of the server from which sent the email. This information may vary according to use mail. In the case of gmail you should use smtp.gmail.com
  • Server port. The port is used the mail server to send messages. This information may vary according to the used mail. 465 is normally used to gmail.com
  • Encryption type. It may vary according to use email, Gmail you must use TLS
  • Authentication. You should mark if the email requires user name and password, normally this checkbox is active.
  • User name. It is the email address with which the message is sent. The example treated will be our completed in @gmail.com email
  • password with which to access the email
  • Recipient. Please enter the email address to which you want to be sent the notice in case of detection.
  • Sender. It is the name will be shown to the person receiving the email.
  • Subject. the message you will receive.
  • Message, with the text contained in the email It will be sent.

FTP settings

If you want to activate the function to receive pictures or video on the FTP server you must complete the following configuration.

System settings

You can perform some functions on the selected camera

  • Restart camera. The camera will turn off and will turn on
  • Reset camera. Camera will lose the made settings back to the factory default settings.
  • Check for updates. Check if there is any firmware updates for the camera.

Device information

Displays details on the camera are accessed

  • Device ID. With the call sign name of the camera
  • Network. It indicates if it is connected by cable or WiFi
  • Software version installed on the IP camera
  • IP address where this installed the camera on your local network.
  • Subnet mask of the local network
  • Door link Router which is connected to the IP camera
  • DNS on the local network to which the camera is connected.

Other features of the APP

If you need to delete a camera configuration, or for example to change the name of the user must click on the button above on the right side called Edit.

By clicking on the left button you can delete the camera’s settings.

If you click on the button of the toothed wheel in the camera you need you can modify the following parameters.

Access the camera recordings from the APP

At the bottom you can click on image to access the image capture. These images are made by clicking on the image on the video display snapshot button. These recordings are in the memory of the phone on which you made the recording.

If you press the bottom button called video you can access video recordings.

In the top right you can select local or online.

  • local. They are stored in the phone memory and recordings made when you press the record video button.
  • in line. They are those recordings stored on the camera’s memory and that you can access from your smartphone.

Application information

In the paragraph below brings you have more details about the version of the application installed and you have access to download the original manual online.