PacMan Comes to Android in All Its Glory with The Best Version: Championship Edition Deluxe

They have had to spend many years for disfrutremos of a game of PacMan to height in Android. Although we are still waiting for PacMan Bounce, we already have which is undoubtedly the best version of the yellow PAC-man: Championship Edition Deluxe. Although the name is rather pompous, do not be fooled because it hides a lot of fun.

After many years mulling PacMan and putting them in all kinds of situations, Namco decided to return to the roots and bring us corridors of neon, ghosts and pellets. That Yes, once overcome the first level will see that all that changes for bring the classic concept but with a new formula.

The definitive Edition for PacMan lovers

What if we pardon to PacMan and put him in another type of levels and with different challenges? This had to be wondered at Namco when they decided to create Championship Edition beyond 2007. Is the version that now comes to Android a remastering eight years ago of the original game released for Xbox 360.

The same formula of always with more levels, different challenges and some challenges that will test our ability with PacMan. For example: night levels where we only see a little around of ours and we will have to go blindly without knowing where you can rotate or move us. That Yes, the ghosts always know where to go.

In total, more than 130 levels where will not only have to overcome them, but to get the best possible to compete to be the best score in the score tables. Fun, full and with a very tight to the touch gestures control; fast we will take the trick and we’ll get to hunt ghosts.

The game has a price of 5.45 euros, rather high compared with the average of Android games but is more than justified. If you are not clear whether you will like, my advice is to you to download the demo of the previous Championship. Do you like? You’ll love the Deluxe version with more levels and extras.

PacMan Championship Edition Deluxe arcade games

  • Price: 5.45 euros
  • Developer: Namco
  • Download: Google Play