Palm, New Smartphones Along with Tablets and Netbooks with WebOS

HP wanted to finish with one blow with the skepticism of those who have closely followed the purchase transaction on the company of Palo Alto in the easiest way; officially announcing the continuation of the work done by Palm to date in the form of of new smartphones and other mobility products provided with the operating system webOS.

Palm is the company responsible for continuing development of the operating system webOS, in addition to the hardware based on the same, from a roadmap that includes a new range of smartphones, tablets and netbooks.

In this way so strongly, to the time that little noisy, published a small press release on the website of Palm which was announced the closing of the acquisition, leaving Palo Alto low under the control of Todd Bradley, Executive Vice President of the division of personal computers from HP, which in turn will have under their command the own Jon Rubinstein and other executive hierarchy.

Also the confirmation that comes to us, finally, Palm will be not abandoned to their fate until their complete disappearance, and will not be for lack of chances to do so. Maybe this time there finding HP the perfect ally for carrying out various projects and potential at the level of distribution without comparison so far.

That Yes, up to After the summer We will not see any advancement of what Palm-HP can offer us in the not-too-distant future.