Palm Recruits Product Manager for Its Smartphones WebOS and Plays Cluelessness

From among the 47 vacancies offering Palm through its website, one in particular catches the eye. The position of product manager for its webOS smartphones may be a post more attractive, more now if possible after the HP on the future of the company pioneered the development of mobile devices.

One of the best jobs available for consumer electronics enthusiasts in the company that was a pioneer in mobile computing, PDAs and smartphones… Palm.

Striking is the fact that for a job of such magnitude, since at the end and the place is virtually being the “head” of the company, are use a small ad for words in place of the spectacular nominations wrapped up in all the pomp and circumstance it deserves, or rather what the so-called specialized press gives deserving for the greater glory of the price of the Sunnyvale company on Wall Street.

The chosen candidate will be in charge of monitor the definition, launch and lifecycle management future smartphones, In addition to being a person with effective communication skills and a balanced vision for the business that is capable of executing the plan of development of the next generation of smart phones. Someone you comes to mind?

The failed attempt of Elevation Partnerts of lead to success to the by then hopeless Palm, ran in 2008, with signings and presentations in the style of Apple, ended up the road with the illusions of many users and other so many executives who came out of legs after the shocking mea culpa sung by Jon Rubinstein in an internal memorandum.

Will this be the reason why now seek reinforce the lines of product marketing While they seek to improve the quality of its products both in terms of hardware and software this, being in regard to webOS, which serve as sign distinctive and differentiating feature with its most direct competition.

It is inevitable, at least think in how bad that it had to make its managers so far to not get all of the performance and potential to a system operative whose sources have drunk Microsoft and even the own Apple when it comes to incorporating its main functions of integration tools “in the cloud” and social networks.

Up to HP, multinational that is about to conclude its full acquisition, the possibility of seeing on the shelves already announced last month a Tablet operating system webOS called Hurricane before the end of this year, making a firm statement of intent regarding the tablet that covers all the covers of the past months.

As if it were a sappy Frank Capra film, fate gives Palm a new opportunity (and this would be the third) to become in what was years ago, but not before finding that bursting with character of charisma that leads its steps. Do you look unqualified @ to do this?