Payment Service CurrentC Promises March: Fined All The Stores That Use Apple Pay

Apple Pay has had a good start, with some signs that indicate that there will be strong competition with other rivals in the United States. But according to recent data, that competition will be also unfair: rival payment platform CurrentC has advised all companies affiliated to they will receive fines if they also accept payments with Apple Pay.

They are, in fact, stores that shut off their NFC receivers just a few days ago to prevent customers use Apple Pay and any other rival (as Google Wallet). Affiliated to the CurrentC platform, they implemented this system of payments coming soon.

Apple responds to with a declaration of intent locks

Apple ‘ s Joz says retailers who want to be successful will accept the way customers want to pay. That ‘ s to reaction to CVS rejecting Apple PAy

— Shara Tibken (@sharatibken) October 28, 2014

The response from Apple, at the moment, came from Vice President Greg Joswiak in the event #codemobile: “businesses that want to succeed will accept the way that customers want to pay”. The company also sent a statement, which claimed that working “to introduce Apple Pay in as many stores as possible”. Neutral posture for a future that is expected to be moved.

The worst, as we have already said other times, is that This competition hurts the user experience. We should be able to use what is, Apple Pay or not, without that platform integration contracts prevent that rivals can be moved around the shops. You will fail to see the reaction of the users, although seeing the adoption initial Apple Pay predict more bad arts.