Prepared for a Full Fall Style Thanks to The Zara October Loobook

There are many who beg and the arrival of the usual autumn temperatures. There are who already is tired of so many summer clothes to revert to coats, suits and knitwear. Well, it seems that the summer period is going to be left behind in the next and Zara, in all, brings us this October Lookbook that fills us with style without neglecting the importance of going warm.

Basic colors as the Black, Navy Blue, grey and white join a tone so typical of this season as it is the tile. Do original? Not too. Rather it’s a safe bet that hit in the coming months.

There are many men who by their profession should be costume on a daily basis. With lower temperatures, it is essential to also cover with a good coat. On this occasion, Zara Dodge classic cuts to bet on more casual style capes for bringing up the Americans.

The feathers and guateados They also return to our closet, if it is that once they were. Perfect for the days of rain and cold. Precisely those in which you don’t want to leave the House. Because there is no excuse. Eye, on the other hand, to the necks of hair, which are still present in Zara this season.

Obviously, it should not be forgotten is of the jerseys. Twisted, basic or with borders, there for all tastes. That Yes, this lookbook all are neck to the box. Have they passed peak bottlenecks to better life?

Finally the cut slim pants. Whether clothing or leather, they are all fitted leg, which are especially well with shelters that remain in the waist.

What do you think? What is your favorite look?